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Lessons from the Camino to Santiago
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Lessons from the Camino to Santiago


09 Aug 2019

This summer I walked across Spain with the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela to be my  final destination. A journey of hundreds of kilometers of walking where emails, phone calls, social media, news etc. where switched out with a rucksack of the essential things and many new friendships and special moments to remember. The following are my key takeouts from the Camino to Santiago.

Don’t look back. After a few days, you’ll find your zone and you’ll start wearing blinders like a racehorse and only keep focus on what’s in front of you – not what’s behind.

Be kind. Random act of kindness without any hidden agenda is natural and the person you pass by you’ll probably meet again later. This goes for your professional career too.

Be present. It is a great opportunity to shut down all media, emails, phone calls, etc. and focus entirely on being present.

Talk big. People who spend more time having deep conversations are happier than people who spend time on small talk.

Be social. On the Camino you can talk to everyone, everybody is helpful, and you’ll probably not pass by a person without saying “Buen Camino” and receive a smile. Why in the world do we not do this all the time?

Enjoy the little things. In our daily rush, we tend to forget and appreciate. The simplicity in the Camino makes you aware of the sunrise, help from another pilgrim, a warm bath, wearing clean clothes, etc.

Silence is good. The quieter we become, the more we can hear.

At last, someone told me along the way that “on the Camino to Santiago you don’t always find what you are looking for, but you find what you need”. I agree.

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