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04 Nov 2017

After thousands of pages read, a few less written and a good amount of coffee, I am happy to present my new book: 117 Ways to Happiness – A Guide to a Happier and Better Life.

For everybody interested, I’m giving away a free preview in PDF in hope that it can bring you closer to a happier and better life through the knowledge I have acquired through a dozen of books read.

This book is a personal project to overcome some of my own weaknesses, but also a book to help you. The content is this book in not something I have invented, but based on theories from the most famous and the most used authors and motivational speakers we have on this earth such as Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Dalai Lama, Joel Osteen etc.

Why should you read this book? By simple but effective methods this book is made to help you, to change your habits, be more effective during the day, be happier and live a more fulfilling life.

I’m open-armed to any kind of feedback; good or bad and please note that this is a preview and there may occur written errors.

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