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Business23 Oct 2019

The future of Digital Innovation and Transformation

In October 2019 I attended a course at IVEY Business School in Toronto, CA, focused on Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation orchestrated by...

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Travel09 Aug 2019

Lessons from the Camino to Santiago

This summer I walked across Spain with the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela to be my  final destination. A journey of hundreds of kilometers of...

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Books05 Nov 2017

My favorite books to read

  It is difficult to point out only a few books, but below is a list of those that come to mind at first. Although there are a few...

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News04 Nov 2017

Download free preview of my book

After thousands of pages read, a few less written and a good amount of coffee, I am happy to present my new book: 117 Ways to Happiness - A Guide to...

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